Tai Chi & Chi Gong

Tai Chi is a movement meditation practice based on flowing movement that is relaxed, centered, balanced, and grounded. Having evolved from ancient Chinese Taoist and Confucian principles, it has many forms and offshoots. The class will also include some free movement and chi gongs, short phrases that can be easily learned and practiced.

Instructor Virginia Scholl has studied and taught dance and movement in many forms for over 50 years, and she has practiced Tai Chi for over 20 years. The style of Tai Chi she will teach comes from the work of Chungliang Al Huang, a dynamic octogenarian Chinese philosopher and dancer, whose form was brought to Putney by Cielle Tewksbury, Virginia's teacher for 15 years.

Classes take place at Putney Community Cares on Tuesdays, 9:30--10:30 a.m.
Cost: $50 per session ($5/per class)
This program will have a minimum of 10 classes per session

Please contact Coordinator Ruby McAdoo at 802-387-5593 or coordinator@putneycommunitycares.org for more information or to join the group. Pre-registration is required.