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Seeking Part-time Community Nurse, Putney, Vermont


The focus of the community nurse is on home visiting, teaching, coaching, and integration of services as well as prevention of disease and promotion of health for individuals and the community. The ultimate goal is to provide care which will help allow a client to remain in their home safely. The community nurse is an independent position. They work with Putney Community Cares along with the primary care providers of clients, town officials and other involved organizations as needed. The Community Nurse will be providing direct home care visits in most cases and making assessments for Putney residents who are not eligible for VNA services or other similar insurance covered programs. Clients are not charged for the care provided by the community nurse. This position does not take the place of visiting nursing services covered by insurance.


Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Making home visit to assess physical and social well being 

  • Developing care plans and reviewing it with the medical provider as indicated 

  • Documenting interventions and outcomes. Reports to be included in data gathering by Community Nurse Connection.

  • Acting as an advocate for clients who may need help navigating the healthcare system 

  • Communicating regularly with client’s care team including their medical providers and their other care providers such as family members or friends 

  • Assisting with advanced care planning 

  • Making/facilitating referrals to VNA, COA, medical providers and to other organizations in the area including meals on wheels, food banks, and social service agencies to maximize home based care 

  • Assessing the needs of the community by working with Putney Community Cares and other community groups 

  • Educating the community about health, nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention and providing clinics within the community as needs are identified 

  • Attending Community Nurse Connection monthly support meetings via zoom

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelors in Nursing preferred, active VT RN license 

  • Must carry own malpractice insurance 

  • Must have own health insurance 

  • Strong health assessment skills. Must have an ability to provide nursing care independently and be able to assess when a medical provider/physician should see the client and provide additional necessary medical care. 

  • 2 plus years of experience in home visiting nursing such as with VNA or hospice or other independent nursing experience 

  • Understanding of local resources

  • Maturity in the nursing profession 

  • Excellent time management skills 

  • Data collection regarding specific care provided for each client. There is a data program available to PCCI and the CN from the Community Nurse Connection meeting all the HIPAA requirements


Compensation & Payment

  • Compensation:  $35-45/hour, commensurate with experience. 

  • Reimbursement will be provided for pre-approved job related (local) travel, RN license, the cost of necessary supplies, and up to $200 per year for liability insurance. 

  • Training and orientation will be provided and the community nurse will be compensated. Requests for additional professional development will be considered by Putney Community Cares on a case by case basis. 

  • Planning for Absences: The community nurse is expected to coordinate with Putney Community Cares around absences. 

Interested in learning more about serving at a community nurse in Putney, Vermont? Please contact Coordinator Ruby McAdoo at 802-387-5593 or for more information.

Want to learn more about the need for community nursing in Putney?  Read our Feasibility Report

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