Durable Medical Equipment Loans

About our Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program

Putney Community Cares realizes the need among the low-income seniors and disabled individuals we serve for durable medical items.  Much needed equipment that people cannot afford or are not readily available to them. Because we work with the elderly and disabled, we are often offered used medical equipment by former clients and their families when that equipment is no longer needed. The Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program was born from this need.

How Do I Donate Durable Medical Equipment to Putney Community Cares?

Please call the office directly, (802) 387-5593, to schedule a time for you to drop off the items you would like to donate.  PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF EQUIPMENT WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. We handle requests on a case-by-case basis depending on the need of the particular item(s). Please do not assume you can drop off items unless you speak to a staff member.

Who Can Borrow?

We loan out equipment primarily to individuals. We also have a network of local healthcare professionals, occupational and physical therapists and visiting nurses who borrow equipment for their clients. Although we have no geographic restrictions, most of our borrowers come from Vermont.  All equipment loans are free of charge. We ask the item be returned to us when no longer needed. 

How It Works

Each item donated has been evaluated, accepted, cleaned, logged into our inventory and finally placed in our storage room.  A potential borrower needs only call to inquire if their desired item is available. If the equipment is not available, we put the individual on a waitlist for that item and contact them when the item is back in stock.

What We Require from Borrowers

Borrowers are required to fill out a simple Loaner’s Agreement and Lease with the borrower’s name and contact information, and the number and description of the item borrowed.  We do ask that the items be returned when no longer needed, so they can be lent to others on our waitlist.  For example, some borrowers loan out a transport wheelchair for just one day while other borrowers will loan out a shower seat for 1 year.

What you can borrow*

A wide variety of equipment; typical items are listed below but are not limited to:

  • Wheelchairs

  • Walkers

  • Commodes

  • Canes and quad canes

  • Raised toilet seats w/o bars

  • Shower Chairs

  • Crutches

  • Transport wheelchairs

  • Regular wheelchairs

*Due to storage limitations we are unable to accept : Adult taped diapers – Depends and Chux pads, Bed Assist Rails, Bed Pans, Bed Trays, Ankle and Leg Boots, and Blood pressure kits.

Unfortunately, we are not able to stock large items (hospital beds, electric wheelchairs or scooters, Hoyer lifts) because of limited storage capability.

What if I Break a Piece of Equipment on Loan to Me?

No problem;  just notify us as to the severity of the break and we will instruct you whether we would like it returned for parts or whether you can just dispose of it yourself.  We need only to know the inventory number on the back of the card to mark it as damaged or discarded in our database.

Are donations Tax Deductible?

Tax donation letters are available upon request at the time of donation or can be sent by mail to the donor. We can only list the estimated used value of any item or 80% of the original retail price.

Contact Information:
Call (802) 387-5593 or Email coordinator @putneycommunitycares.org

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