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Group events are slowly being brought back! Contact us if you have any questions (802) 387-5593 or
Please see our Covid-19 Protocols for Participation


Tai Chi & Chi Gong  
Tai Chi is a movement meditation practice based on flowing movement that is relaxed, centered, balanced, and grounded. Each class meets once weekly. 

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Living Strong

Living Strong is a twice weekly bone-building exercise group. It provides strength training using hand and leg weights, balance exercises for agility and to decrease the likelihood of falls, and flexibility exercises for joint mobility.

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Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga is a class designed for aging bodies, taught by Lisa Nigro. Emphasis will be on joint mobilization, coordination, balancing, and functional stretching and strengthening. 

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(802) 387-5593 or



Community Lunch

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Folk Dancing

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The Artist in Each of Us

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