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Putney Cares Challenge


Twenty three  year ago we built it and you came for Yoga, Strong Living, senior lunches, folk dancing, Tai Chi, art groups, and much more.  The Putney Cares Barn has become a hub for activities that enhance the quality of our lives. We invite you to join us in meeting its present and future needs.

Constantly in use, the Activities Barn is showing serious wear and tear: the time has come to restore, renew and refurbish. Our “do” list includes interior painting, additional storage space, closet doors, floor refinishing, etc.  We have a new room design (courtesy of Greenberg Architects) we’ve hired the carpenters, painters, and floor finisher.  And we’ve raised most of the funds for the overhaul.     Now we just need your help.


A few donors have pooled their gifts to offer a one-time challenge: between now and June 15 they have pledged $2000 to double your tax deductible gift. Your gift of $50 will become a gift of $100, going far to help close our budget gap.


Join the challenge now with a gift of any amount. In September we’ll throw an ‘open barn’ event to show off our better-than-new Barn.


Many Thanks.


The Putney Cares Barn Renovation Committee,


Linda Rubinstein, Joyce and Brian Morgan, Susan Parenti, Julie Forsythe


Putney Cares (memo line for checks: Barn Restoration)
PO Box 108
Putney, VT 05346


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