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Thank You!

We did it! We made our goal. We are delighted to be writing this to thank everyone for your generous support for the renewal of the first floor of the Putney Cares Activities Barn. June 30th marked the end of a year-long campaign to raise over $10,000 towards creation of a beautiful activities room including new paint, refinished floors, and new storage space. 

  • Our first thanks go to the Living Strong class that held a fundraiser a year ago to launch the campaign.

  • A Barn Renewal Committee – Linda Rubinstein, Joyce Vining Morgan, Brian Morgan, Susan Parenti and Julie Forsythe – guided the rest of the campaign.

  • Chip Greenberg, architect, created the renovation plans for storage of our many supplies.

  • Over 50 people responded to a challenge from generous donors to match their contributions. 

  • Grants from the Thompson Trust, the Agnes Lindsay Foundation, and the Crosby Gannett Fund matched our efforts.


We’re excited to announce that renovations will begin in August, and we will be inviting the community to an Open House to see the new space on September 8th. At 2 p.m. that day we will dedicate The Laura Heller Community Barn, with tremendous thanks for her vision, dedication, and determination, that led to creation of the barn and the many programs that we continue to offer there.

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